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Stats: Jan. - June, 2013 vs. Same Months, 2012

  • Overall utilization remained almost constant in this comparison...
  • Medicare Average Length of stay ticks up by 1.43%
  • Medicaid Average Length of stay increased from 4.38 to 4.49
  • Inpatient Surgeries fell 4.56%
  • Emergency Department Visits dropped by 1.07%
  • Total Outpatient Visits increased by less than 1%
  • Collected Charges as a % of Total Patient Charges went from 38.21% to 36.78%, a 3.74% decline
  • Days in Accounts Receivable Gross across all payers declined in this period - in 2012, 46 days and in this time period for 2013, 45 days
  • Medicaid had the largest drop in days from 43 in 2012 down to 39 in 2013, decrease of 9.30%

*Represents data from 632 reporting hospitals

Stats: 2012 vs. 2011

  • Acute Care Average Length of Stay (ALOS):
    • Medicare 4.81 in 2012 and 4.84 in 2011, a decline of .62%
    • Medicaid ticked up by 3.26%, from 4.30 in 2011 to 4.44 in 2012.
    • Self Pay remained the same at 3.92 between the two years
  • Across reporting hospitals, Emergency Department Visits accounted for 15.73% of all Outpatient Visits in 2012
  • Inpatient Surgeries decreased from 29.87% to 29.30% and Outpatient Surgeries increased slightly by less than a percent
  • Births and Newborn Patient Days both dropped by less than a percent, holding steady between the two years
  • Payroll and Benefits for both the facility and the employed physicians increased 4.13% from $50,361,693,062 to $52,441,610,330
  • Overall expenses climbed by almost 6% from 2011 to 2012

*Represents data from 659 reporting hospitals

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